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Problems in Wisconsin Reading

  • Lagging and Uneven Student Performance
  • Lost Individual Potential and Societal Costs
  • Low State Standards
  • Inadequate Teacher Training
  • Weak Teacher Licensure Examination
  • Lack of Awareness, Expertise, and Action


  • Scientifically-based core early reading curriculum 
  • Screening for at-risk readers 
  • Proven intervention programs 
  • Pre-service and in-service training for educators 
  • Strong teacher licensing requirements 
  • Detailed state standards for beginning reading

The Front Burner: Take Action

  • NAEP TUDA Scores Show Milwaukee is Near the Bottom
  • NAEP Scores Show Drop in 4th Grade Reading in Wisconsin
  • State Legislative Proposals/RtI Legislative Study Committee Rejected
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Administrative Rules, Common Core Standards
  • Milwaukee Public Schools



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